The Firm

Hippotential is dedicated to helping business owners and their executive teams enhance decision-making and business growth. By analyzing behavioral intelligence, marketing ROI and the degree of innovative thinking, we establish a baseline for performance. A plan is developed to assist the client in realizing High Impact Performance POtential. We are happy to talk with you and discuss how your organization may benefit from our approach!

We are a team of advisory specialists, led by Fred Hathaway Jr, who have worked inside privately-owned companies in the middle market for over 20 years. We have the ability to staff up, through alliances, to meet peak requirements and yet maintain a low overhead consistently to provide a value that keeps you engaged.

We have observed best practices across industries, geographic and cultural markets, and bring that body of knowledge to you. We allow you to continue to work in your business while we partner to help you work on your business!

Whether you seek talent management, market development, business development management, or interpersonal skill improvement for you/your team, we are eager to serve you and help you reach your HIPpotential!

You may reach Fred Hathaway, the managing partner, at 919-270-9491 or

Happy to assist you!

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