Of Hippos and Men

Remember the dancing hippos in Fantasia? Why did they dance? Hyacinth Hippo is being wooed by Ben Ali Gator and shes does the daytime dance with her servants. Do you ever feel that you are being sought after by someone who ordinarily would not be your natural choice? Perhaps the owner of your business sees potential in you and wants you to explore it. Or, one of your peers on the management team (though you may not always get along) has determined that you are stronger when working together and reaches out to you…

If the dynamics of your work environment make you uneasy rather than feeling like dancing, chances are that you would collectively benefit from some organizational development. Individually, exploration of your emotional intelligence (EQ) could yield enhanced personal and group performance. As a team, the managers may not, in the words of Good to Great, be in the “right seats on the bus.” Often, the top executive in a privately owned business fails to delegate to key managers to the detriment of the business. This can occur when the decisions of the managers are not trusted. By bringing in an outside objective third party, the trust gap can be closed and more efficient management systems implemented. The “icing on the cake” is that, in the eyes of outsiders, a company is almost always worth more money when there is a built-out management team making significant decisions without reliance on the top executive.

Hope you have already figured this out at your company. You would be in a very small minority and are to be congratulated. For most everyone else, removing some dysfunction could lead to some dancing!

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