Friday after work vs Monday at work

Have you ever been to a social event after work on Friday at 5 pm? Did you enjoy yourself as you mingled with peers, new contacts, and others? Something about the end of the work week causes us to slow down, breath a huge sigh of relief, and relax. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel this way more often?

On the other hand, when Monday rolls around and we find ourselves after a good weekend back at the “grindstone,” it is so easy to long for Friday afternoon at 5 o’clock again. Many work with associates who drive us batty, supervisors who don’t really know us (or care to!), and customers or vendors who challenge our patience. When you add to this work environment any concerns about the economy or potential change in the way the company is run, it can be unsettling and undesirable to even go to work.

How do we bridge the gap between that which is enjoyable and that which we do to earn a living? Entrepreneurship is an option for some; for most a different series of choices is the solution. Choose to work in a field that challenges you to draw on your gifts and talents. Choose to be happy and not allow others to bring you down. Choose to make your office a great place for you and others to work.

If you are a member of the management team, you can do something about the degree to which you and other employees are engaged. Some things to think about:

  • two-way feedback
  • building trust
  • clear-cut career development plans
  • definition of the employee role in company success
  • sharing of decision-making responsibility

May your work week more closely resemble the beginning of your weekend!

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